Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The Merriest Christmas

Happy, happy holidays, and merry Christmas to you. I feel like this is already the merriest Christmas I've had in years. Maybe the merriest ever? I actually feel bad typing that because my family---my sweet, enduring, patient family---has seen me at my worst and grouchiest lately, but I really do feel this has been a wonderful season.

Andrew and I decided to not exchange gifts this year because we will be taking a trip the weekend after Christmas. The kids will each receive a couple of things... nothing fancy. I stuck to this idea: something they want, something they need, something to wear, something to read. I actually didn't even get the kids books because they each received one from one of my uncles. 

We didn't plan anything for Christmas Day that will involve driving, leaving the house, or even getting out of our pajamas. I'm pretty excited to spend the day having coffee, cookies, and snuggling up with my babies. And cooking a big fish. Mmmmm. 

Like I mentioned earlier, we will be leaving for a couple of weeks, so I wish you all the merriest Christmas! We will be back with photos and stories from our road trip to Banff. I am so excited to spend New Years in the mountains! It's also our 5 year (engagement) anniversary on New Years Day. Who could have guessed where we would be 5 years later---two kids, & a third on the way. We have been blessed so abundantly.

Merry Christmas.

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