Saturday, July 5, 2014

our independence day

Elliot woke up early (like, really early) and I decided to just stay up with him. Of course, he is already back to sleep and I'm alone now but... blog post!

Yesterday we went to my grandparent's house in Stillwater, MN for the evening. Their house is my absolute favorite place in the world. My grandparents are in their mid eighties, and aren't sure how much longer they will be able to stay in the house, so I am over there as often as I can be, just absorbing as much of the place as I can. I never really thought I would have children of my own running in that back yard. It's a great feeling.

We all had dinner, sat out on the deck and just talked all night... nothing fancy. The kids ran around, my dad set off a lot of fireworks (he is kind of the biggest kid out there), and Eve was loving it. She held a sparkler at one point, but that was about it. Eve is a very delicate creature. Doesn't like to be sticky, doesn't like to wear anything that isn't a "ballerina dress", ... we butt heads. A lot. But man, I love that kid. She lights up a room.

Being at my grandparent's place made me feel really excited to move to the country. I actually kind of wish we could move into their house. Having moved around so much growing up, I don't really have a place I consider 'home', so I guess coming back to this place during the summers & whatnot is sort of the closest feeling to home I know. My grandpa built his house with his own two hands---people just don't do that anymore. He is pretty incredible. Who knows, maybe that is a possibility? It's definitely worth praying about.

Hope you all had a happy 4th of July!


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