Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Minnesota State Fair

Yesterday night, I took Eve to the Minnesota State fair. I have brought her to the fair three, maybe four times before? But this was definitely the first year she enjoyed it. She's finally old enough to participate in things! She wanted to go on pretty much every ride in the midway, but has, like, 20 more inches to grow before that's going to happen. She also wanted to eat pretty much everything there, and it was fun having her decide what she wanted to spend her money on. We bought this giant ice cream after being at the fair all of ten minutes. Priorities! Sprinkles! My friend Heather accompanied us to the fair, and while we were walking around I realized we actually met at the fair 5 years ago. So we had a little friendiversary moment.

A few more photos after the jump.

 The sky was so amazing last night.

Heather, the godmother, and Eve, the goddaughter. Sharing gluten free french fries. Eve actually said, "Why are you taking a picture of our butts?" I love my kid.

We went on the Skyride for the first time (although not the first time for Heather) and I was actually a little scared!  I'm a little more afraid of heights than I realized. This ride takes you from one end of the fair to the other, and it's really neat to look down at everything below. Except when you realize you are hovering above it all in a small metal chamber that is fifty years old! But Eve loved it, and oddly enough comforted me when I was feeling queasy. I'm not sure if we will go back to the fair as a family... but this was definitely a special visit that I will remember for a long time. 


  1. gorgeous photos. Our county faire is coming up in just a couple weeks and I'm super excited! I looooooove fairs!