Monday, May 12, 2014

grateful heart

It's Monday and I am linking up with ember grey to share something I am grateful for!

I have been waiting for this day for about a month now... I am so, so grateful that my little girl is home today! She was visiting her missionary grandparents in Japan for almost a month. She had an absolute blast but we missed her so much. She and grandpa flew in this morning around 5 am, and she is still awake and going strong, that crazy kid. It's like 1:00 in the morning Japan time.

We are so happy to have her back, and so thrilled that she was able to have this experience. My grandparents were also missionaries in Japan. I first visited them overseas when I was about four, so it's just really cool to see my daughter experiencing the same things I did. Parenthood is so great.

What are you grateful for this week?

Ember Grey


  1. Your babies are so sweet! How amazing that your little hunny is able to experience a different culture at such a young age. So glad she home with you now though :) Thanks for linking up today, Alyssa!!!

  2. What beautiful children! That's wonderful she was able to go overseas and see her grandparents. What an amazing opportunity!