Friday, May 9, 2014

on light

My kids have these childproof, plasticky mirrors they play with. They were once attached to a play gym or something. Like most things in this house, they have taken on new roles in their little toy lives, and what they once thought were their purposes are now distant memories... Ha!

The kids love playing with these mirrors because Eve, by accident, discovered that the mirrors can do something amazing. When the sun shines on them at the right time of day (mid afternoon), they reflect light into the wall or ceiling, depending on what angle she is holding the mirror. Of course, the kids don't understand how that all works, but when the sun is shining into the living room, they look for the mirrors and try and harness the light, if you will.

Today, one of my kids' friends found a mirror buried underneath several other toys in a basket. He took it out and started angling it near the window, waiting for the light to hit it, looking at the walls for light beams. He asked me, "why isn't it working?" And I told him that because the sun wasn't out, light wouldn't be able to hit the mirror. He was confused. He just couldn't understand why no light was reflecting off of that mirror. He set the mirror down, totally uninterested, and looked for something else to play with. Without the light shining off if it, that mirror was just... a mirror.

I thought about our bodies. When The Light isn't shining into them, how could we ever expect light to shine from us? How dull and uninteresting are we without The Light within us?

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