Monday, June 9, 2014

back again

What day is it today? Is it really only Monday?

Okay. I inadvertently took a three week long blogging absence. Totally wasn't planned, and I actually have, like, three posts that I started writing? I just couldn't make it happen. It has been a little crazy around here.

We officially have our house on the market. (!!!) This is bittersweet. I love this house, and I love Minneapolis, but it's time. We have already been in talks with the lovely owners of our farm house about when we will begin moving out there, etc, so it's time to get this ball rolling. It is so crazy! We would have never bought this place if we knew we would be turning around and selling it a year and a half later. It's a little bit nuts, honestly. But this house has been a dream, and, I mean, my baby was born in it! The memories here are all good ones, and it will be just as much fun to move into our next house & start creating new memories.

Speaking of moving, another move happened last week... My youngest sister moved in with us. My parents are moving back to Japan this fall, and Madeline decided to stay here in the states. When my parents initially told us that they were moving, I, of course, offered to take Madeline if need be. She is 18, and technically an adult, but doesn't really have any college aspirations, and hasn't really had much experience yet as far as working. I know it will be a little while before she is comfortable with getting a job, apartment, etc. So, yeah, naturally, we offered her a room here. I guess I didn't know she would accept? I mean, Japan! But she is here, and I'm looking forward to getting to know my baby sister a little bit this summer. We are 8 years apart and haven't lived under the same roof for about 10 years now, so a lot has changed. Also, HELLO BUILT IN BABYSITTER. Yes.

Anyway, the babies are asleep, and I am about to put my feet up with a book. I just wanted to squeeze out a little post here while I had a minute. It feels good to be back!


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