Thursday, June 19, 2014

taking stock

This play on currently-type blog posts has been circulating around the internet---however, it was Dani Hampton's blog that inspired me to take the plunge. I like the idea of filling one of these out every month or so, to look back on how everything was going/what I was feeling at the time!

 Lots of gluten free recipes. Eve has told me a couple of times lately that her tummy hurts. You never know with toddlers, but I thought we would give gluten free a shot, or at the very least, less gluten. There are several gluten allergies in my family, so it wouldn't be a surprise if she has one. We have been kickin' it with quinoa!
 Quinoa. Roasted vegetables. Veggie omelets for Andrew every Friday morning. 
 Water. However, as of this week I have officially weaned Elliot so BRING ON THE WHITE WINE!
 I am reading The Fault in Our Stars because my kid sister told me to. It's been good so far, but only making me want to read more books. I need summer book recommendations! 
 it to be next weekend already because I booked us a little family camping trip!
 at Elliot, chomping away on some green puffs. 
 peekaboo with him. He is in my closet. 
 nothing, really! We have been getting rid of things, as always, trying to simplify, but we have either given things to friends or to Goodwill. 
 nothing right now... nothing for, like, a year. Ha!
Wishing: for the right person or family to buy our house. 
 Summer weather!
 for the girls to wake up from their naps so I can keep packing up the storage room upstairs. 
 my long hair, but I feel like I should cut it? It has been growing ridiculously fast. 
 if we can really pull this move off. 
fresh herbs from the garden. I absolutely love going out back and snipping a bunch of whatever I need. It's the best. 
 that Andrew has a successful week at work. 
 at my beautiful kids, and how fast they are growing up. My hormones have been a little crazy with weaning, but I am such a sap. I could just stare at my babies and cry all day. 
 more than 5 hours of sleep... 
 lemon essential oil. mmm.
 plain t shirts and colorful shorts. Every day. 
 along with the world cup!
 the sunsets every night. God is such an amazing artist. 
 so emotional. It happens when your hormones are shifting, I guess. I'm looking forward to feeling like my old self again. 
 the mail... everyone gets pretty excited about the mail around here. 

Feeling: excited for the future!

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